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Balkan Folk Fest „BOHEMI“ - Bansko

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Balkan Folk Fest „BOHEMI“ – authentic traditional   rhythms, culture   and cuisine    

On 26th and 27th June, 2015, a Balkan Folk Fest will take place for the first time in the best ski resort of Bulgaria - Bansko. In the last weekend of June, Bansko will become the one of a kind festival city and anyone who feels the folklore rhythms in his blood, is welcome to join the biggest bohemian feast in the country. Jelko Yoksimovich, Karolina Gocheva, Ivo Papsov – Ibriama and many Balkan musicians, orchestras and brass sections will entertain us on the central square of the city. For the gourmet enthusiasts, a variety of traditional meals will pamper their most exquisite taste and give the final touch to the abundance of entertainment that "BOHEMI” will offer. The Fest is organized on the initiative of the Municipality of Bansko, and organizer of the event is "Bohemia Entertainment".
What does it mean to have a Balkan spirit? What is it to have a catchy, intransient and quite often charmingly quirky feature? It is to have fun and take handfuls of life because Balkan life is a bohemian one. Although, the word "bohemian" stems from the French language, it precisely describes the Balkan soul - an artist who thinks outside the box and adores freedom.
And the first headliner - Jelko Yoksimovich is exactly like this. Famous for the hits "Ljubavi", "Lane moje" and "Nije ljubav stvar", he is also known as „The Master of The Balkan Ballads“. When hitting the scene, he is not worried to give himself to the audience, driven by the Balkan emotions and temperament. His music is a mixture of traditional folklore instruments, pop ballads and touching temperament. It is precisely these characteristics that make him the most popular and talented musician and composer in Serbia.
Ivo Papasov – Ibriama is a world-known musician and winner of numerous awards among which “BG radio Special Award” for his contribution as an ambassador of the Bulgarian music in the world, and the “Audience Award” from the BBC's Radio3 “World Music Awards”. “It is thanks to him that the world knows that Bulgarian jazz is great. He is an icon”, BBC say. Ivo Papasov – Ibriama is “The sun to all clarinets”, for his music combines all that can make a person dream – passion, lyrics and wild waves of mixed sounds.
Among the male establishment, a mountain flower stands out in the name of Karolina Gocheva. The Macedonian pop star has already done five studio albums and has worked with some of the most popular Balkan musicians, such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Mladen Maekovich and Vesna Malinova. Her voice is said to be “magical and versatile”.
The Balkan Folk Fest “”BOHEMI” is the first of its kind that is organized in Bulgaria. With the concept to combine the Balkan music, culture and cuisine, it focuses on the feeling of freedom and genuine joy.
"Bohemian" is an artist, a creator who is not interested in the way of life as much as to have fun. "
“BOHEMI" is a feast of the rhythm, drums and eastern temper, where everyone can find a piece of his soul. The festival will take place among the charming summer ambience of the town of Bansko, at the foot of Pirin Mountain where the most popular Balkan artists will take part in the program of "BOHEMI" to present the cultural diversity of their countries.
Access to the festival area is free to allow the widest possible audience to feel the spirit of this unique event.